Our Story

About Us

Three guys, a girl and a dog were all chilling one day, drinking beer and watching Game of Thrones. The day was going as per plan with absolutely no agenda and that's when it happened.

An innocent phone rang,
The girl picked it up,
"Hello" she said;
She heard for a while;
And ended the conversation with "Sure"

"Guys!! We have a job, but they need a company; not (freeloaders) freelancers like us."
Guy 1 sipping his beer, "so what should we name our company?"
Guy 2 "That dragon queen is hot"
Guy 3 "I think Jon Snow is a Targaryen"

The girl realizing, she isn’t getting any help from the boys looked at the dog
The dog realized he had to do something
He got up and looked outside the window

Girl "You guys are all useless" and "you (staring at the dog) the least you can do is act like a dog"
Guy 1 "What do you mean?"
Girl "He doesn't bark ya"
Guy 1 "Like seriously!!!"
Guy 2 and Guy 3 "Yeah dude"

Realizing all the hoomans are talking about him, the dog turned and faced them all and did the unthinkable……….he barked.

And that is how we thought of "Barking Dog Entertainment"

What we do

We hustle. We search. We dig. We work like madmen (no pun intended) to connect your brand to it's audience. Our never ending curiosity, creativity and search for all things social and connected are the keys we use to unleash your brand's interest potential.

With an itch for greatness in everything we do, we create, design and tell stories with a persistent commitment to innovation and efficiency. Our pursuit of excellence is the only way we know how to generate ideas that stick and that accelerate your brain.

In everything we do, we act as partners and co-creators. This way, we are all responsible and accountable for the concepts and ideas we bring to your brand. Your success is our reward (bone).