The Team

We are a bunch of crazy people each bringing something very unique on the table. We started this company around two years back and are loving every minute being part of a wild adventure. Barking Dog Entertainment isn’t your everyday company.

A team of directors, producers, musicians, artists based out of Mumbai, willing to embark on any adventure that comes our way.

No client is big or small;

We absolutely love our work and are committed towards making your brand a huge success. We're grateful to be part of an industry that gives us the freedom to explore creative work.

Transparency is the key for all partnerships. "We work hard at making every penny of your advertising budget work harder than ever before. For this we pool in all our talent, knowledge and collective wisdom into every job that we do - nothing whatsoever is insignificant or trivial. Each job enjoys our singular, focused and undivided attention, expertise and experience."

Guy 1: Ashish Raikar

Ashish Raikar is the calm soul in this company, apparently known for his smile and witty comebacks. He is a writer and director of sorts, at least that is what he tells us and IMDB has credited him for a few things and who can question that right?

Ashish loves films and everything about it; He likes detailing and is instrumental in ideating to executing every campaign we have ever done. After quitting the corporate rat race, Ashish had written and co directed three Marathi films.

What else can we say, Everybody loves him.

The Girl: Eshna Seth

Eshna is the driving force of this company and yes we are being literal. She literally drives all of us mad. She works closely with clients and internal teams to get to the root of the challenge and deliver solutions. The most active person we know on whatsapp and has the energy level something Red Bull would want to associate with.

Eshna has more than 12 years of experience spanning in luxury, travel and lifestyle brand both ATL & BTL & with an expertise of events.

Guy 2: Sanjay Chowdhary

Sanjay is the soul of the company, he is an artist par excellence. An out and out Design professional, bringing a creative approach to solving business challenges and driving brand growth through ATL & BTL Design solutions.

And Boy is he flexible..seriously you should check him out doing yoga.

Sanjay has 15+ years agency experience in branding, experiential marketing and advertising working on building new brands as well as rebuilding established ones.

Guy 3: Vidyadhar Bhave

Vidya speaks a lot of corporate language, sometimes even we don’t understand him, in fact half the time we are not even paying attention to him. A process driven maniac who loves excel sheets and an incredible creative perspective.

He is something of a wizard with 6 sigma certification et al but we really don’t understand what he does, however we love him when he is sitting with his guitar. Oh yeah, Vidya is also a musician with more than three albums to his credit and has also given music to some Bollywood films.

Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh is our very own Sadhguru. When she is working she is meditating and when she isnt working she is meditating.

A career spanning almost two decades in media, no one understands the media better than her, literally no one and we believe her completely, after all who wants to get into a debate with sadhguru.

Nidhi currently works as an independent Television Producer and Anchor for the Show Formula F Masterclass on Tata Sky Beauty.

Ashish Kondhalkar

The calm amidst the chaos, Ashish Kondhalkar is like the yin and yang personified; when he isn’t dabbling into computer coding away to only to what he understands, he is an enlightened soul.

A constantly smiling person with a never say die attitude, Ashish brings in more than 14 years experience in web and mobile applications development or whatever that means. In fact he built this website, go figure.


Rio is the reason we all are here on this website!!